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Coastal Living Redefined


Showcasing coastal sophistication and exquisite architectural design in a tranquil beachside setting, Azura is a sanctuary of style with a strong connection to its elite location. Four boutique buildings are interconnected, cultivating a sense of community and offering absolute privacy, security and direct beach access.

With the relaxed ambience of a flowing indoor and outdoor lifestyle, this selection of 27 residences is from the collaboration between Lowe Living, Chamberlain Architects, Golden and Jack Merlo. These eight townhomes and 19 apartments, including ten absolute beachfront apartments, redefine coastal living.

Beachside luxury with lifestyle convenience

A prized pocket affording a tranquil coastal lifestyle, Aspendale is perfectly balanced with cosmopolitan amenities and beach town charm. Safe, established and entirely liveable, Aspendale is well known for its exceptional environs and easy going way of life.

Project Location

Azura Aspendale | 5 Foster Street, Aspendale

For further information, please contact our Client Services Executive:
Barry Devenny on 0484 594 110

Project partners

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Lowe Living deliver stunning homes with an engendered culture of trust and respect amongst partners and clients. They are responsible for the end-to-end development of luxury residential apartments and townhomes. As one of two divisions within Lowe Group, Lowe Living’s services include site acquisition, development management, sales and marketing support, as well as architectural advisory and ongoing optimisation during build.

Proudly built by

Alongside Lowe Living is Lowe Create, the design and construction partner. Lowe Create provides building services to Lowe Living, as well as discerning individuals and is respected for its expert design and meticulous construction services. To date, Lowe Create has developed a strong reputation for building premium homes of enduring quality, forging a presence across Melbourne and in particular the Bayside area.

Chamberlain Architects is a residential specialist studio with extensive experience in crafting high-quality, liveable residences. Chamberlain Architects takes pride in creating homes with a distinct personality, built around their clients’ lifestyle. They combine creativity and attention to detail with a sound understanding of the complexities of planning and property development to deliver outstanding projects for their clients.

The best design decisions express the absolute with an understated knowing. Golden is pedantic about material quality and revere customisation. Their practice is to cultivate brilliance from the innermost details, then radiate those elements back out. Golden projects have a resonance that is designed to be experienced, not just photographed. The effect is exclusive, but not branded; unspoken and deeply felt.

Jack Merlo is one of Australia’s premier landscape architecture studios, lead by Jack Merlo himself. Bringing a unique architectural approach to landscape design, he focuses on creating spaces that people will appreciate for years to come. Working closely with leading architects and developers, each new project is an individual and considered response, providing an ordered and organic form to the built environment.